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Race Subtable

Dice Score Race % of Multiclass
01-30 Dwarves* 15%
31-55 Elf 85%**
56-65 Gnomes* 25%
66-90 Half-Elf* 85%**
91-00 Halflings* 10%

* In an evilly aligned party, these will be half-orcs (elves will be renegade drow). The chance for a multiclass half-orc is 50%: fighter-thief (01-33), fighter-cleric (34-45), or cleric-thief (45-50).
** If the roll for multiclass is 01-20, the character is triple-classed.
Multiclass levels: For two classes, subtract 1 level; for three classes, subtract 2 levels. Adjust each class downward to the racial maximum, if applicable.

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