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Lesser Greater
Climate/Terrain: Any (prefer hot) Any open region
Frequency: Rare Very rare
Organization: Herd Herd Leader
Activity Cycle: Hottest part of the day
Diet: Herbivore Herbivore
Intelligence: Exceptional (15-16) Genius (17-18)
Treasure: G Nil
Alignment: Lawful good Lawful good
No. Appearing: 2d4 1-2
Armor Class: 4 2
Movement: 12, Fl 24 (C) 15, Fl 30 (B)
Hit Dice: 9+9 14+14
THAC0: 11 5
No. of Attacks: 2 2
Damage/Attack: 1d6/1d6 3d6/3d6
Special Attacks: Psionics Psionics
Special Defenses: Psionics Psionics, invisibility
Magic Resistance: 25% 50%
Size: L (as a mule) L (as a draft horse,
Morale: Champion (15-16) Fearless (19-20)
XP Value: 8,000 15,000

Shedu are native to hot, arid climates. They have powerful, stocky equine bodies with short, powerful feathered wings. Their heads are large and humanoid, and rather dwarven in appearance. They always have beard sand mustache.s Shedu hair is very bristly, and curls into tight waves or bands.
All shedu wear a simple headband made of braided cloth or rope, with a single button for adornment. The button is centered on the forehead, and its material represents the bearer's status. From the lowest rank to the highest, a button may be made of silver, gold, platinum, sapphire, ruby, or diamond. Lesser shedu almost never have a button above the platinum level, greater shedu almost never wear one below sapphire status.
Shedu wander the Prime material, astral, and ethereal planes. They further the cause of law and goodness, help allied creatures in need, and combat evil. Greater shedu typically lead herds of six or more lesser shedu.

Combat: All shedu attack with powerful front hooves. However, both forms of shedu prefer to use their psionic powers whenever possible.

Lesser Shedu
Languages: Lesser shedu speak shedu, lamia, lammasu, and most human tongues (although not common). Of course, they can always use empathy (a limited form of telepathy, see below).

Psionics Summary:
Level Dis/Sci/Dev Attack/Defense Score PSPs
9 4/4/13 All/All = Int 100

Lesser shedu always have the five powers listed below (within three disciplines), and they can use them without expending PSPs. In addition to these powers, a lesser shedu knows any three sciences and five devotions desired (from these disciplines, or others). Each creature tends to specialize in a particular discipline to complement the herd (each takes a different discipline).

Psychometabolism - Devotions: ectoplasmic form.
Telepathy - Devotions: contact, empathy, mindlink.
Psychoportation - Devotions: astral projection.

Greater Shedu
Greater shedu radiate protection from evil, 10' radius.

Languages: Greater shedu speak shedu, lamia, lammasu, common, and root languages (i.e. most human tongues). However, they can always rely upon telepathy, which they have mastered so well that they can even make rudimentary contact can be made even with plants.

Psionics Summary
Level Dis/Sci/Dev Attack/Defense Score PSPs
14 5/12/15 All/All = Int 200

Common powers (* denotes powers they always have, denotes innate abilities that are like the psionic powers, but require no point expenditures):
Defense - mind bar*
Clairvoyance - Sciences: aura sight, clairaudience, clairvoyance, object reading, precognition Devotions: danger sense, sensitivity to psychic impressions
Psychometabolism - Sciences: energy containment, metamorphosis Devotions: body control, ectoplasmic form*
Psychokinesis - Sciences: telekinesis Devotions: molecular agitation, molecular manipulation
Telepathy - Sciences: domination, mass domination, mindlink*+ Devotions: contact*, invisibility*, post-hypnotic suggestion
Psychoportation - Sciences: probability travel*, teleport* Devotions: dimensional door, dimension walk*

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