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Project Coordinator: Tim Beach
Editor: Doug Stewart
Editorial Assistant: Gaye O'Keefe
Cover Illustration: Jeff Easley
Interior Illustrations: Tony DiTerlizzi (pencils, inks, and colors on insects, crustaceans, faerie-folk, and miscellaneous creepy things), Jeff Butler (pencils and inks on humans, demihumans, humanoids, giants, genies, dragonets, and miscellaneous part-human creatures), Dave Simons (pencils, inks, and colors on normal animals, almost normal animals, and squishy things), Tom Baxa (pencils, inks, and colors on gith-kind and miscellaneous), Mark Nelson (pencils and inks on dragons, dinosaurs, and miscellaneous), Les Dorscheid (colors on most of the book), Tim Beach and Doug Stewart (invisible stalker)
Art Coordination: Peggy Cooper with Tim Beach
Typesetting: Gaye O'Keefe
Keylining: Paul Hanchette
Proofreading: Karen Boomgarden, Anne Brown, Andria Hayday, Thomas Reid, David Wise
Guidance: Steve Winter, Tim Brown, James M. Ward
Monster Selection Committee: Jeff Grubb, David Wise, John Rateliff, Tim Beach
Development: Tim Beach, Doug Stewart, Slade Henson, Thomas Reid, Jeff Grubb, Wolfgang Baur, Jon Pickens, John Rateliff
Design Concept for MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM® Appendices: David "Zeb" Cook, Steve Winter, Jon Pickens
HTML checker: Vsevolod A. Krishchenko (unofficial)

We would like to offer special thanks to the artists and the people who helped with development, as well as Rich Baker, Carolyn Chambers, Bill Connors, Peggy Cooper, Slade Henson, Dawn Kegley, Dana Knutson, Georgia S. Stewart, and Sue Weinlein.
Many people have contributed to either the original first edition monster books or to the MONSTROUS COMPENDIUMTM appendices. The list that follows may not be complete, but we would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the monsters described in this book: the designers and editors, Rich Baker, Jay Battista, Wolfgang Baur, Tim Beach, Scott Bennie, Donald J. Bingle, Linda Bingle, Karen Boomgarden, Grant Boucher, Al Boyce, Mike Breault, Anne Brown, Tim Brown, Dr. Arthur W. Collins, Bill Connors, David "Zeb" Cook, Troy Denning, Dale Donovan, Newton Ewell, Nigel Findley, Steve Gilbert, Ed Greenwood, Jeff Grubb, Gary Gygax, Luke Gygax, Allen Hammack, Kris & Steve Hardinger, Andria Hayday, Bruce A. Heard, Slade Henson, Tracy Hickman, Harold Johnson, Rob King, Vera Jane Koffler, Heike Kubasch, Steve Kurtz, J. Paul LaFountain, Lenard Lakofka, Jim Lowder, François Marcela-Froideval, David Martin, Colin McComb, Anne McCready, Blake Mobley, Kim Mohan, Roger E. Moore, Chris Mortika, Bruce Nesmith, C. Terry Phillips, Jon Pickens, Brian Pitzer, Mike Price, Louis J. Prosperi, Tom Prusa, Jean Rabe, Paul Reiche, Jim Sandt, Lawrence Schick, Rick Swan, Greg Swedburg, Teeuwynn, John Terra, Gary Thomas, Allen Varney, James M. Ward, Dori Watry, Skip Williams, and Steve Winter; the artists who helped define the monsters, Tom Baxa, Brom, Jeff Butler, Clyde Caldwell, Doug Chaffee, Tony DiTerlizzi, Les Dorscheid, Jeff Easley, Larry Elmore, Fred Fields, Jim Holloway, Daniel Horne, Mark Nelson, Keith Parkinson, Harry Quinn, Robh Ruppel, Dave Simons, Dave Sutherland, D.A. Trampier, Valerie Valusek; and the people who put the books together and make them look good, Linda Bakk, Dee Barnett, Steve Beck, Peggy Cooper, Sarah Feggestad, Paul Hanchette, Angelika Lokotz, Gaye O'Keefe, Stephanie Tabat, and Tracey Zamagne; and anyone who has ever asked a question, offered constructive criticism, written an article, or offered an opinion about the monsters of the AD&D® game. Special thanks to Christopher M. Carter and Seth Goodkind for spotting errors.

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